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Serving the Flagstaff Area and All of Northern Arizona.
Arizona licensed and insured: AZ BTR # 45187
Gary Howell


Howell Home Inspection Fees

Whether you're a homebuyer, investor, seller, home owner or real estate professional, you’ll recognize the value of working with Howell Home Inspections.

2018 General Home Inspection Fee Schedule
Based upon the Square Footage of the House Structure only.

Square Foot Fee
0 > 750 $325
751 to 1000 $350
1001 to 1500 $375
1501 to 2000 $400
2001 to 2500 $425
2501 to 3000 $450
3001 to 3500 $475
3501 to 4000 $500
4001 to 4500 $550
4501 to 5000 $600
5001 to 5500 $650
5501 to 6000 $700
Over 6000 Please Call

Please Note… for additional 'Out Building Structures' – additional fees will be calculated individually and charged extra – based on the square footage of the additional structures. Additional fees will also apply for crawl spaces and/or older homes (20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years, 50 plus years old).

Crawlspaces - $25

Older Homes Pricing:
20-30 Years - $25
40 Years - $50
50+ Years - $100

Special 2018 Fee Schedule for Pre-Sale – Pre Marketing and/or General Maintenance Home Inspections
Based upon the Square Footage of the House Structure only.

Square Foot Fee
0 >2000 $325
2001 to 3000 $375
3001 to 4000 $425
4001 to 5000 $475
5001 to 6000 $525
Over 6000 Please Call
Please Note… for additional 'Out Building Structures' – additional fees will be calculated individually and charged extra – based on the square footage of the additional structures.

If your inspection request is more than a 30 mile round trip from Flagstaff AZ, it will be necessary to charge a fuel fee - to cover my round trip fuel expenses.

Gary M. Howell, 7850 East Old Walnut Canyon Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Arizona Certification: AZ BTR # 45187
Licensed and Insured
Call: 928-526-6833 (business)
928-606-3021 (cell)
928-714-9006 (fax)

For Multi - Unit Inspections please call for pricing, which will be based upon your individual inspection requirements / needs.

Additional Mileage Pricing
Over 30 mile round trip (Northern Arizona)

Location Fee
Flagstaff, Bellemont and Kachina Village $0
Parks, Munds Park, Stoneman Lake, Morman Lake $50
Williams, Sedona, Camp Verde and Winslow $75
Cottonwood, Holbrook and Ashfork $100
Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Page and Phoenix $125

Please… inquire for individual pricing – if your location is not listed above.

Inspection Payment Options Include: Cash, Check and / or Credit Card. The signed contract and payment is due prior to and / or at the time of the inspection. Note…Howell Home Inspections does not accept the inspection payment through 'Close of Escrow'.

Howell Home Inspections offers - real estate home inspections, pre-sale listing inspections, pre marketing inspections, general maintenance inspections, New Home 2 year warranty inspections - for ALL OF THE NORTHERN ARIZONA AREA.

Here are several of the top reasons WHY you should consider a professional Howell Home Inspection.

Pre Purchase Home Inspection

As “your independent 3rd party home inspector”, I will provide you with a comprehensive professional report – including photographs - defining the condition of the property and house structure - prior to your purchase.

An HHI home inspection is meant to identify and concentrate on the MAJOR TOPICS, (Fire, Health, Safety and Structural) with recommendations for possible further evaluation with comment and / or remedy as necessary - by qualified home specialists. (Specialists examples: - Electrician, Plumber, Building Contractor, Structural Engineer and Roofer) This should be conducted during your designated home inspection period.

My home inspection may also point out many of the positive aspects of a home. This includes types of imminent future maintenance and / or upgrade recommendations. Therefore, after you have received and thoroughly read the entire inspection report and viewed any attached photos with annotation - you will have a much clearer understanding as to the condition of the house / property - that you are considering to purchase.

If my inspection finds faults in a home - it does not necessarily mean that you shouldn't purchase it. It will however advise you in advance – as to what type of repairs to anticipate.

I do encourage you to use our inspection report to verify the physical condition of the structure / property. You may also want to incorporate my inspection findings, as a bargaining chip and / or a negotiating tool, for you final considerations and repair requests.

A Howell Home Inspection - home inspection - is “a snap shot in time” as to how I observed the home on the day of the inspection, describing the home's condition and indicating which items will be in need of immediate and / or near future major repairs, minor repairs, upgrades or replacement.

General Maintenance Inspections

If you have owned your home for a period of time, my home inspection can identify any potential and / or existing problems in the making and recommend preventive measures, which may assist in avoiding future costly repairs. Even if you plan to remain in your home for several years, the benefits of a home inspection are invaluable. Homeowners should schedule a maintenance inspection every three to five years to identify any potential problems before they become costly repairs. A home inspection can also help homeowners identify potential issues and / or as part of a major remodeling or renovation project.

Pre-Sale Listing Inspections and / or Pre Marketing Inspections

If you are preparing to sell your home, a Pre-Sale Inspection can point out areas that may be of concern to a prospective buyer. This enables you ‘the Seller’ to be enlightened and prepared for any repair topics - prior to the actual listing of your house. Thus ultimately enabling you and your Realtor pre-consideration topics or issues, to discuss in advance!

HHI Inspections are complete and comprehensive, following the Arizona Standards of Professional Practice “Rules of Professional Conduct R4-30-301” for Arizona Home Inspections. All HHI Inspection Reports are also conducted according to the American Society of Home Inspectors “Standards of Practice” and “Code Professional Conduct” that was adopted by the AZ ASHI Chapter for Home Inspections, on January 1st, 2002. (A copy of which is also supplied free to you - within your Hard Copy Inspection Binder Report.)

All HHI Inspection Reports are complied (same day and / or next day) within a completed 'Hard Copy Binder Report', (normally 35 to 45 pages) for your records and review. This report will not only "Summarize and Fully Narrate / Identify" any and all issues - it will include photos with narratives with annotation. HHI Reporting will meet and / or exceed the required Arizona BTR Standards of Practice Reporting Check List Requirements for a ‘Generalist Home Inspection’.

You will also receive a “Free Complete Inspection Photo CD” with your Hard Copy Binder Inspection Report - thus providing you with a complete ‘Snap Shot in Time Photo Library’ – as taken on the day of the inspection.

HHI’s ‘Generalist Home Inspection’ is NOT a Termite, Mold or Septic inspection, which may be mandated as conditions of a sale. Of which these services should be performed by “Arizona State-Licensed Specialists” and are not conducted within our ‘HHI Generalist Home Inspection’. Also, it is not a code-compliance inspection and does not include any research or surveys, such as that are necessary to establish boundaries, easements, permits, and it should not be used as a substitute for the Transfer Disclosure Statement, which the sellers are required to provide.